What is Vlath?

Vlath is a genre of music originating in Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is, loosely defined, an offshoot of post-punk, incorporating elements of math rock and neo-classical metal.

The term was coined circa 2008 by Victoria band One Eleven Archer, most likely in direct response to being turned down for a gig by a venue in London, Ontario. The promoter allegedly refused to have the band play due to being incapable of classifying their style of music and, thus, unable to fit them appropriately on any bill. Though obviously a brush off, it did cause the band to consider their unique style and, at the risk of self-pigeonholing, assess whether or not it did fit at all seamlessly into any particular musical genre.

The most notable characteristic of Vlath is the tendency to combine guitar and bass parts that individually sound like nothing at all but together somehow create a busy, yet harmonious musical arrangement.

Hear some busy guitar and bass from "Dear God, WTF". Vlath!

Harmonies are often exploratory and loose, yet inexplicably attractive.

Hear some loose, exploratory harmonies from "Fireside Liars Club". Vlath!

Vlath songs are also known for having multiple, seemingly unrelated breakdowns - a spiritual odyssey of musical parts formed under the theme of a single song.

Hear a Vlath spiritual breakdown odyssey from "Bored Heroes". Vlath!

Why Vlath?

Many riches and amazing experiences await the purveyor of Vlath. You will experience the thrill of touring across Canada in the dead of winter in a small van! Play packed shows night after night for tons of adoring fans! The evidence is before you. Don't wait. Start a Vlath band today!

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